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Sandstone is a sedimentary rock (formed of layers of sand bonded with silica, lime and clay, etc.). Sandstone creates a more formal looking wall. It comes in various shapes and varieties as it is a little less hard and durable. This allows the product to be easily worked and shaped to suit different applications.

‘A’ GRADE SANDSTONE - Sawn – Is dimensional, square cut and flat surfaced rocks with minimal holes and gaps between rocks when stacked.

‘B’ GRADE SANDSTSONE – Selected rock and boulders of irregular shapes and sizes to give the best blocky finish with minimal gaps in a boulder like wall. Great for variable height walls and is value for money.

‘C’ GRADE SANDSTONE – Split – Random is a more commonly known name. A lower cost (blasted and broken, sharp edged) rock put together like a jigsaw because of the irregular shapes.

For more information on the quarry that supplies all of our sandstone please visit Queensland Quarry Direct Sandstone at www.qqds.com.au

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